Introduction to the band

West East Divan

The East West Collection consists of four Chinese musicians and two European musicians. They interpreted contemporary western music and traditional Chinese melodies with different line-up combinations, adapted German pop music into Cantonese versions, led the audience on a musical journey from western modern rhythms to eastern traditions, and returned again through jazz style improvisation. The name of the band is taken from Goethe's famous poetry collection The East and the West, which reminds us of his insight 200 years ago, that is, the East and the West are inseparable.

Profile of band members

Martin Fleischer

Bass, Band Leader


Martin started learning classical guitar as a child, then he turned to the electric bass and finally the double bass. Musically, Martin follows his idols Ray Brown and Ron Carter. Martin Fleischer is often characterized as a swinging diplomat: While the German government sent him to Europe, Africa, America and twice back to China, he set up a jazz band on almost each of his posts. Martin was long-time director of “jAAzz“, the Jazzband of the German Foreign Office, which perfoms on high-level official events. He was also president of the Hannover Jazz Musicians Association and member of the United Nations Jazz Society. When Martin first came to Beijing in 1987, he made friends with the 1st generation of Chinese jazz and rock musicians, such a Liu Yuan, Cui Jian and Liang Heping, and helped to bring modern jazz to China. In Guangzhou, he founded the “GUANGZHOU SOUL PROJECT” which became particularly successful with Martin’s arrangement of Beethoven’s classical themes with jazz and Rock’n Roll. At the same time, Martin runs the country-rock group “TAKE IT EASY”, and the project “WEST-EASTERN DIVAN” merging Chinese and European musical traditions.

PianoLukasz Lagock


Polish pianist, composer and arranger, playing and leading show bands and jazz ensembles for over two decades, has shared the stage with a great number of featured artists, including Jane L. Powell, Vince Martin, Jeri Sager, Clarolyn Maier, Loretta Holloway and many others. Having participated in numerous recordings, Lagocki debuted with his original album, “Crossroads”, in 2010, featuring Yael Acher, Olo Walicki, Henryk Gembalski and Henryk Stanoszek

GuitarBastian Hildner


In 2007, Bastian Hildner became guitar professor at the prestigious Xinghai Conservatory of Music in Guangzhou, China, where he built up a very successful guitar class that has produced many international prizewinners. As a concert guitarist, his expressive playing of the instrument and captivating performances have taken him to many European and Asian countries. In his concerts and recordings Hildner is using guitars made by the Spanish luthier Paco Marin.  

“he is an excellent musician, with a very good technique and a beautiful sound” - Prof. Joaquin Clerch



Lead singer: Lan Lan Chanel

The Chinese female singer is a rare new generation of singing talent singer. With her magnetic voice and unique interpretation, she completely interprets the true meaning of "fever"! She is a special guest of major radio stations. She has won the gold medal of the World Chinese Youth Singer Competition. She has been invited to participate in exchanges, studies and performances at home and abroad for many times, and has been praised by professionals from all walks of life.

He once went to France and the United States to learn jazz singing, which was highly recognized by his tutor. During his return, he participated in various large-scale jazz festivals. He has produced many personal fever albums: "Lan Lan's Voice · Dialogue between Voice and Piano", "Sand Tears · Dialogue between Voice and Piano 2", "Listen to Lan Lan 3 · More Simple Voice" and "Listen to the Sea. Lan Lan's Voice".


Erhu: Xia Xiaofan Daniel XIA

He began to teach erhu in 2004 and joined the Guangzhou National Orchestra in the same year. During that time, he participated in the concert of the founding of the Guangzhou National Orchestra and the special concert of the Golden Bell Award of the "Golden Autumn Ode", and served as the chief erhu of the orchestra.

In 2014, he was invited by the Thai Consulate to participate in the birthday concert of the King of Thailand.

In 2015-2018, he was invited by the Norwegian government to Norway for many times to participate in Sino Norwegian cultural exchanges.

In 2018, he was invited to South Korea Yousong University for Erhu speech and cultural exchange activities


Flute: Xu Runsheng

Studied in the National Music Department of Xinghai Conservatory of Music.


The 37th "Spring of Shanghai" International Music Festival Bamboo Flute Art Festival and the 2nd Bamboo Flute Invitational Competition: Professional Youth Group - Bronze Award

Provincial Competition The Second "Songting Dragon Singing" National Bamboo Flute Invitational Competition: Professional Youth Group A - Silver Medal

Provincial Competition The 7th Macau National Art Open: Flute Youth Professional Group - Gold Award


Drum: Li Haohui Lee

Mapex spokesperson. In 2008, he studied at Beijing Midi Conservatory of Music and learned drums from Song Liang and Zhao Nian.

In 2011, he participated in the program recording of Oriental Satellite TV, and participated in Strawberry Music Festival, Shanghai Yangtze River Midi Music Festival, Rizhao Ocean International Music Festival, etc. with many bands.

In 2012, he held a personal concert with former Tomahawk Guitar Guo Zhiyong in Mao Livehouse, and acted as a drummer to participate in the Sanbao musical Sanmao Wandering.

After returning to Guangdong at the end of 2014, we formed The Oval band with all the members, performed actively in JZclub Guangzhou, and held special concerts of the band in various music centers and cultural stations.

In 2019, he was invited by German Consul General Martin in Guangzhou to join Guangzhou Soul Project Band and participated in GOA Guangzhou Foreign Language Art Festival.